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Girls Love Sport is a website designed to educate and inform the public about the fact that not only do women in Australia play sport at a high level, but there are actually top level leagues in sports that are traditionally considered men’s sports and the quality of both the set up of the leagues and the athletes is exactly the same as men’s competitions. Here on this website, you will find all you need to know about womens Australian Rules, soccer, cricket and netball, as well as the national teams in soccer, cricket and netball.

Girls Love Sport is a campaign to spread awareness of top level women’s sport in Australia, and in turn bridge the gap in media coverage between men’s and women’s sport. If you would like to help the campaign, then please email girlslovesport@gmail.com, and we will be able to assign you a role.

Links to other parts of the Girls Love Sport campaign:

Blog: allymelbourne.blogspot.com 
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